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Newsletter for 31 May 2007

Posted on 31st May 2007

Newsletter - Alternatives to Revision!


Here's the weekly newsletter. Hope exams are going well :)

h4. Timetable

This week and next week:

* Friday, 18:00, MR6, SU-North Tech Team Meeting
* Friday, 20:00, Xing, CS0.01, Computer Science Department
* Monday, 19:30 - Social, City Arms, Earlsdon
* Tuesday, 16:00 - Exec Meeting, MR3
* Wednesday, 19:00 - WUGLUG, Probably Phantom Coach

h4. Notices

* There is *NO* Gaming this week.
* An email regarding BFL will be sent out soon which will cover details ...

Exec Minutes - 29th May 2007

Posted on 29th May 2007

*Present:* Tim, Mullet, Sadiq, Si, Bruce, Fluff_eei (5 minutes into meeting), Bucko
*Apologies:* Polar, Odd Bloke

h4. Novell Presentation on Campus

Benji has emailed exec saying that Novell might be able to present on campus sometime next year. Exec were very pleased with prospect particularly if it could be on Mono as was being suggested.

*Action* Benji to confirm/Exec to confirm with Benji

h4. Open Source Project

Si said we had not heard anything from the Alumni Office with regards the Open Source ...

Exec Minutes - 22nd May 2007

Posted on 22nd May 2007

*Present:* Mullet, Sadiq, Odd Bloke, Bruce, Fluff_eei, Bucko, Tim
*Apologies:* Polar

The minutes are partially complete - Si was late due to a research meeting but only general discussion had taken place before hand. For these details see Mulletron's email.

h4. Removing Karma

There was considerable discussion on the issue of Karma in the Society. Mulletron said that in general, it was often the cause of disagreements on IRC which eventually turned into full-scale arguments. These often became worse when ...

End of Term Paintball Event

Posted on 20th May 2007

The Society is looking at organising an end of term Paintballing event in conjunction with PaintballSoc. At the moment we are looking at how much interest we get from members before confirming it but initial reaction has been positive. Before we can decide how to run the event we need members to decide if they want to do a full day or a half day at the event.

The event will take place on Saturday 23rd June (10:00-15:00 (full day), shorter if we do the half day).

Approximate cost will be around £35 for th...

Clothing Order

Posted on 17th May 2007

There's a "clothing order":/society/events/details/774 up on the website. You can get T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Polo shirts, Hoodies and Fleeces - an unprecedented variety! We have also changed suppliers, so the quality should be higher. Clothing should also arrive before the BFL - so alumni members should have no problem collecting their orders.

Newsletter for 16 May 2007

Posted on 16th May 2007

Newsletter - Gaming, WUGLUG & Cinema Socials


Here's the weekly newsletter. A quick thanks to everyone who came to the LAN, we hope that you enjoyed it. A quick reminder that the Society will be holding the BFL event in Week 10 of this term.

h4. Timetable

This week and next week:

* Wednesday 16th May, 19:00, WUGLUG Meeting, Phantom Coach
* Friday 18th May, 18:00, MR6, SU-North Tech Team Meeting
* Friday 18th May, 19:00, The Bar, Pre-gaming Social
* Friday 18th May 20:00, Gaming Session, CS0.01...

Exec Minutes - 15th May 2007

Posted on 15th May 2007

*Present:* Mullet, Sadiq, Odd Bloke, Bruce, Fluff_eei, Bucko
*Apologies:* Tim, Polar

h4. ITS/Security Incident

Odd Bloke explained that a security incident had arisen on backus due to there being an account which was hacked. The box had been in development mode and the testing user, which had a weak password, was broken into. This had led to ITS isolating the cupboard and preventing any network based access.

Si explained that the current position was ITS were in the process of writing an incident report...

Exec Minutes - 8th May 2007

Posted on 8th May 2007

*Present:* Mullet, Si, Dan, Lamby, Bruce, Fluff_eei, Polar, Sadiq, Pete, Bucko
*Apologies:* Tim

h4. Open Source and Alumni

Si told the meeting that following contact from the Alumni relations office the society could potentially be in a position to be part of a new Open Source project. An Alumnus from Warwick has made contact asking how the University used Open Source. We are currently awaiting specific details.

Mullet continued that he and Si had been to see Mike Joy with regards incorporating DCS in t...


Posted on 2nd May 2007

Hey everyone! Judging by the "LAN sign-ups list":/society/events/details/733 (Have you signed up yet?) it appears many of you were unaware that you could set/edit your nickname on the new website. You can do so on the "Website Account":/society/members/website page in the 'Members' section. Go go go.

Newsletter for 1 May 2007

Posted on 1st May 2007

Newsletter - Term 3, Week 2 - Gaming Returns


Welcome to Week 2. There are various events in the busy CompSoc timetable which are listed below and at the "CompSoc events page":/society/events.

h4. Timetable

This week and next week:

* Wednesday 2nd May - WUGLUG Meeting - 7pm, PUBGLUG
* Friday 4th May - Tech Team Meeting - 6-7pm, Meeting Room 6, SU North
* Friday 4th May - Pre-gaming Social, The Bar, 7pm
* Friday 4th May - GAMING - DCS, Lab 001 (Viglen Lab), 8pm
* Monday 7th May, Pub Social, City Ar...