Archive date: March 2007

Easter holidays

Posted on 28th March 2007

If you still happen to be in the vicinity, the WUGLUG are still meeting on Wednesdays and the Techteam are busy setting up our new servers in DCS. Why not pop along? Some gaming and pubbing happen too. More details on the website and on "IRC": See the rest of you next term. Have fun!

Exec Minutes - Planning Meeting 14th March 2007

Posted on 14th March 2007

*Present* All except Bruce who is in London, Candle who had no apologies and Morlark who's location is unknown.

h4. Agenda

* Previous Minutes
* Commercial Websites on Tov
* Exec/TechTeam Policy Guidelines
* Planning Meeting

h4. Previous Minutes

All accept previous minutes without problem. General agreement that minutes will be accepted unless anyone objects before hand.

h4. Commercial Websites on Tov

Tim told the exec that there was one commercial website being hosted out of Tov that he knew about. H...

Last week of term 2

Posted on 12th March 2007

It was nice seeing many of you at the "Microsoft talk": last week. Please return the questionnaire to one of the exec by Wednesday if you wish to enter the competition.

We have a busy week ahead of us:

* Our regular "pub social": on Monday
* "Joint gaming social with VGDSoc": on Tuesday
* "Exec planning meeting": on Wednesday
* "_A Brief Guide to C++ for Java Programmers_":

Exec Minutes - 9th March 2007

Posted on 9th March 2007

*Present* All, Candle and Bucko slightly late but participate in all

h4. Agenda

* Previous Minutes
* Future Newsletters
* Week 10 Socials
* Sponsorship
* Gaming
* A.O.B

h4. Previous Minutes

Generally previous minutes had been somewhat of a disaster due to use
of PDF and unavailability due to a bad URL. Simon said he would try
to sort this out and use Textile but generally would be helpful if
people could pass on information before it became a problem with
general membership. This ...

Microsoft Talk this week, socials next week!

Posted on 5th March 2007

On Wednesday 7th March at 14:00-15:30 in S0.11 (Social Studies), we will be hosting a "Microsoft Tech Talk": titled _New Interfaces with Windows Vista_. All are welcome.

Also, next week, on Tuesday 13th March at 19:00 in S0.10 (Social Studies), we will be holding a joint event with VGDSoc: A "console session": with combined mini Laptop LAN.

Finally, on the Friday (16th), at 19:00 in B2.07/B2.08, we will be holding a "console gaming social":http://eve...

Exec Minutes - 2nd March 2007

Posted on 2nd March 2007

h4. Exec List - Public or Private

The group discussed various aspects of the issue which had been raised via email conversations over the week. Richard proposed we could adopt one of two existing styles - the WUGLUG discussion list style or alternatively a public read system.

Fred stated that he preferred to have a public and private system - there could be a private list for closed communication, a public list for everything else.

Dan stated that he would prefer a WUGLUG style system to be used in addit...