Archive date: December 2006

Pub Social

Posted on 12th December 2006

Just to let you know that the Linux User Group is organising a "pub social": this Wednesday. We'll be at the Phantom Coach from 6:30pm onwards, for an informal get-together and meal. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you're a Linux user or not. We'll most likely be staying for the pub quiz afterwards, which should be a fun evening for all.

UWCS Exec Minutes - Fri 8th December 2006

Posted on 8th December 2006

h3. Present

* Andrew Wheat (Candle) - President
* Fred Emmott (fred) - Technical Officer
* Bruce Tinton (Bruce) - Treasurer
* Arun Prasannan (Polar) - Academic Officer
* David Buckley (bucko) - Gaming Officer

* Tim Retout (Tim) - Acting Chief Minuter

h2. 1. Apologies

* Apologies for absence were received in advance from Laurence Hurst (Laurence). Technically he's not an exec member any more, but whatever.
* Kim Tibbetts-Harlow (Kim) had resigned the same morning.
* No one knew where Sean Connolly (Morla...

Compsoc Minutes (01/12/2006)

Posted on 1st December 2006

h4. Present (Exec listed first)

Bruce Tinton (Bruce)
Andrew Wheat (Candle)
Frederick Emmott (Fred)
Arun Prasannan (Polar)
Sean Connolly (Morlark)
Laurence Hurst (Laurence)

Timothy Retout (Tim)
Sadiq Jaffer (Sadiq)

h4. Agenda

Progcomp promotion
Emergency fund for server upgrades
Any other business

h4. Joblist

| *Person* | *Item* |
| Laurence | Notify members of date of EGM as well as procedure for nominations and proxy voting and deadlines for each.|
| B...