Archive date: October 2006

Newsletter for 24 October 2006

Posted on 24th October 2006


h4. Contents

* Gaming Sessions
* Exec meetings
* Socials
* Linux User Group
* Internet Relay Chat
* Cable / Web Hosting

h4. LAN

As all of you cannot have failed to notice, it is the first LAN party of the year this weekend. In order to help things run as smoothly as possible, if you are signed up can you please email your MAC address (also known as your 'hardware address', this can be found with"ipconfig /all" on Windows or "ifconfig" on Linux), your name, your preferred IP address and ...

Compsoc Minutes (20/10/2006)

Posted on 20th October 2006

h4. Present (Exec listed first)

Bruce Tinton (Bruce)
Andrew Wheat (Candle)
Sean Connolly (Morlark)
Frederick Emmott (Fred)
Kim Tibbetts-Harlow (Kim)
Laurence Hurst (Laurence)
Arun Prasannan (Polar)
David Buckley (Bucko)

h4. Agenda

Gaming meeting
IBM money
IBM Hursley trip
Perl tutorials
Compsoc fliers
Ethernet cable
Gaming and LAN
Any other business

h4. Gaming meeting

A member of the society emailed the exec list to suggest an open meeting to discuss gaming within the so...

EGM Report

Posted on 16th October 2006

Due to the recent resignation of our Academic Officer, as many of you may know we just held an Emergency General Meeting to elect a new Academic Officer onto our Exec. Arun Prasannan (Polar) and Graham Hayward (covbob) both stood for the position, and after speeches we held a vote. We're now pleased to announce our new Academic Officer for the remainder of this exec term will be Arun Prasannan (Polar), and that Graham Hayward has kindly offered to help organise academic events from outside the exec. Arun is...

Newsletter for 3 October 2006

Posted on 3rd October 2006


h4. Contents

* Emergency General Meeting
* Terms of Service
* LANs
* Gaming Sessions
* Socials
* Linux User Group
* Internet Relay Chat
* Cable / Web Hosting

h4. Emergency General Meeting

Due to the resignation of the academic officer, we will be holding an EGM to elect a new one on Friday 13th October (1 week this coming Friday) at 7pm in meeting room 3 in the union. All members are invited (and indeed, encouraged) to attend.

Currently standing are Arun Prasannan (Polar) and Graham Hayward ...