Archive date: September 2006

Compsoc Minutes (29/09/2006)

Posted on 29th September 2006

h4. Present (Exec listed first)

Bruce Tinton (Bruce)
Andrew Wheat (Candle)
Sean Connolly (Morlark)
Frederick Emmott (Fred)
Kim Tibbetts-Harlow (Kim)
Laurence Hurst (Laurence)

Tim Retout (Tim)
Sadiq Jaffer (Sadiq)
Graham Hayward (Covbob)

h4. Agenda

Fresher's Fair
Events System
Moltov's ToS
LAN Rooms
Any other business

h4. Fresher's Fair

We have been allocated floor space on Friday with the other academic societies. Candle reported that he has request power for our stand at the fresher's...


Posted on 26th September 2006

Due to the resignation of our Academic Officer (David Byard) over the summer, we have to hold an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) at the start of this term to elect a new Academic Officer for the remainder of this exec period (until the end of Term 2).

The EGM will be held on the Friday of Week 2, most likely in the Union meeting rooms, at 7pm. Further details of the location will be sent out via an email to all society members nearer the time.

Any members interested in running for the position should send...


Posted on 12th September 2006

We're now rapidly approaching the start of the new year, so I'd just like, on behalf of all the exec, to welcome all our existing members back, and to say hello to any freshers who are thinking about joining the society. :)

As some of you may know, the new website is now almost ready, and should be going live reasonably soon, so expect to see a new look. We also have brand new forums, which we invite any and all to sign up for and use.

To anyone thinking of joining us, if you use IRC and want to say hello...