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Newsletter for 14 February 2006

Posted on 14th February 2006

UWCS Newsletter

h4. Contents

* AGM Election results
* Ice Skating & Pub Crawl
* LAN party
* Compsoc Gallery
* Gaming Sessions
* Socials
* Linux User Group
* Internet Relay Chat
* Cable / Web Hosting

h4. AGM Election results

Well the AGM has happened, although the new exec do not take full charge until the start of Term 3. I am sure you all want to know the results, so here they are:

* President - Andrew Wheat (Candle)
* Secretary - Laurence Hurst (Laurence)
* Treasurer - Bruce Tinton (Bruce)
* Gaming O...

2006/2007 Exec

Posted on 12th February 2006

Well, the AGM has been and gone, and we have our new exec. They won't fully take charge until Week 1 Term 3, the next few weeks will be training from the pros ;).

President: Andrew Wheat (Candle)
Secretary: Laurence Hurst (Laurence)
Treasurer: Bruce Tinton (Bruce)
Gaming Officer: David Buckley (Bucko)
Social Secretary: Kim Tibbetts-Harlow (Kim)
Academic Officer: David Byard (db_rat)
Tech Officer: Fred Emmott (Fred)
LUG Liaison Officer: Sean Connolly (Morlark)

Congratulations to the new exec, and good lu...


Posted on 8th February 2006

Don't forget the AGM is this Friday at 7pm in Meeting Room 6 in Union North. We'd love as many people as possible to go and vote for next years exec. The nominees are as follows:


* Jonathan Smith (LucidIon)

* Andrew Wheat (Candle)


* Arun Prasannan (Polar)

* Jonathan Smith (LucidIon)

* Bruce Tinton (Bruce)


* Laurence Hurst (Laurence)

* Jonathan Smith (LucidIon)

Social Secretary

* Linda S...