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Compsoc Minutes 30/09/2005

Posted on 30th September 2005

h3. Present

Laurence, Adam(ajmiles), Christopher West(Faux), Jonathan(Lucidion), John(Nugent), Tim, Phil(DrWatson), Ian(icStatic), Christopher Endicott(MFJ), David(Bucko), Sadiq, Chloe, (Euan)zx64

h3. Fresher's Fayre

Sadiq has spoken to Ed Longden about Compsoc being put on Tuesday, and he's now moved it back to Monday. We also have 200 Knoppix CDs, 60 of which will be given out at the FF, with 120 for the CS133 lecture. We also have some stationery from IBM that can be put on the stall and given out...

Exec Meeting

Posted on 30th September 2005

The Computing Society Exec will be holding their first meeting of term this evening. If you'd like to come and watch, turn up to Union North for 7:00 pm (We'll be in one of the meeting rooms). Topics for discussion will include:

* Fresher's Fayre

* LAN Signups

* First Social and Alton Towers Trip


* Society Finances

* Newsletter

* Codathon / IBM Sponsorship

And, if we get time:

* Hursley Trip

* Clothing

* Guest Lectures

* Tutorials

* IRC Bot


If you wi...

2005 Academic Year

Posted on 26th September 2005

Hello all, and welcome to the new academic year. The Computing Society has a wide variety of things planned this year, including our regular LANs, social trips, and academic events.

Signups for the Alton Towers Trip are open for the rest of this week.

Watch this space, and your email inbox, for details of forthcoming events!

Note: If you have joined the Computing Society via the Student Union's website, please be patient. Your password for the CompSoc website will be emailled to you in the evening. If yo...