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CompSoc Minutes 13/05/2005

Posted on 13th May 2005

h3. CompSoc Minutes 13/05/2005

h4. Exec In Attendance

* Sadiq Jaffer
* Ian Norris
* Adam Miles
* Chloe Dives
* Phil Stoneman
* Paul Broadbridge
* Tim Retout

h4. LAN

With some reflection on last week's LAN, the following points are mentioned:

If you turn up early (before 8pm), put your PC to one side and help setup.

* If you aren't coming to help setup, do not arrive until 8pm.
* Techteam will have a pre-LAN meeting to discuss network/power layout to alleviate problems (caused by early arrivals) at...

CompSoc Minutes 04/05/2005

Posted on 2nd May 2005

h3. CompSoc Minutes 04/05/2005

h4. Lan Firewall & World of Warcraft

Sadiq outlines that the exec has three options when it comes to potentially restricting World of Warcraft.

# Unrestricted access, with attempts at luring players to other games.
# Compromise, WoW at certain times of the day, but not at others.
# Ban WoW altogether.

After much discussion both on the exec list and in-meeting, it is decided Option 1 is the best course of action. World of Warcraft will be open for the entire LAN, but a "...