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CompSoc Minutes 25/02/2005

Posted on 25th February 2005

h3. CompSoc Minutes 25/02/2005

h4. In Attendance

* Sadiq Jaffer
* Andrew Sully
* Tim Troy
* Tim Retout
* Chloe Dives
* Ian Norris
* Paul Broadbridge
* Richard Wilson
* Chris Boyle
* Chris Bates
* Euan MacGregor
* Peter Ellis
* Adam Miles

h4. IBM

Tim and Sadiq talked to Yvonne from IBM about the possibility of the following:

IBM to pay for the production of 200 Knoppix CDs to be distributed next year as was done this year. They may also donate 100 for the LUG project to develop device drivers, which...

Election Results

Posted on 11th February 2005

The current exec (elected at the AGM) are as follows:

* President: Sadiq Jaffer (Sadiq)
* Treasurer: Ian Norris (icStatic)
* Secretary: Adam Miles (ajmiles)
* Socials Officer: Chloe Dives (Chloe / Bob)
* Technical Officer: Phil Stoneman (DrWatson)
* Gaming Officer: Paul Broadbridge (NeXuS7)
* Linux User Group Officer, elected by the LUG at their meeting 16/02/2005: Tim Retout (Tim)

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Newsletter for 6 February 2005

Posted on 6th February 2005

Newsletter 2005/02/06

h3. Newsletter 2005/02/06

The management apologises for the lateness of this newsletter, but the first version of it was eaten by Thunderbird about 1 paragraph from completion. Si1entDave was a little miffed to say the least.

This week for your enjoyment:

# The CompSoc AGM
# The Programming Competition
# Forthcoming LUG events
# The New CompSoc Website
# The Mysterious Missing Newsletter

h4. 1. The CompSoc AGM

The CompSoc AGM is upon us once again, and the details are as foll...