Archive date: January 2005

Exec Meetings

Posted on 23rd January 2005

Remember guys and gals, Exec meetings are open to all members. If you've got something you want to say, or you think you can make a contribution, feel free to come along to Union North on Friday at 7pm, and join in. Probably a good idea to tell us in #compsoc beforehand though, in case lack of a room means we have to move it somewhere else. Also, this week is the AGM.

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Programming Competition

Posted on 18th January 2005

The programming competition is now live! With a first prize of a confirmed £250.00 provided by Accenture and large second and third place prizes, there really is no reason not to get involved. Lastest information can be found here.

Update: Thank you to all those who helped organise this, and all those who entered. The winners are listed in the newsletter.

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Perl tutorials 2004

Posted on 12th January 2005

The perl tutorials in conjunction with cs120 are back again!
They're on at 2pm on the 12th, 19th and 26th of January in LIB1.

More information (and lecture handouts) can be found at:

Server Downtime

Posted on 7th January 2005

As you may be aware there has been significant server downtime recently. This is due to several factors including powercuts and suspected network problems. As of writing this all the servers except from Insomnia are up and we are talking to ITS to resolve this. Further details will follow in the next newsletter.