Archive date: December 2004

Insomnia's new IP

Posted on 16th December 2004

IT Services are migrating Warwick Piazza to public IP addresses (announcement), which includes Insomnia. The new IP is and is now active; DNS has been updated accordingly. Most services should be unaffected but, as always, if you have any problems or questions, please contact the tech team (

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Insomnia's Back

Posted on 9th December 2004

Insomnia has been fixed. We managed to get ITS to let us in (Ta Mark Charlton) and now things are back. There was a glitch with the module for the network interface (specifically it managed to escape being built. Oops.) We built the module with the new compiler, loaded it, all was well. Any mail that has been stacking up on servers should now be getting to its destination. For further info feel free to email the Tech Team at or pop into the IRC server and get hold of me, (Si1entDave) or ...

Insomnia Downtime

Posted on 8th December 2004

Unfortunately, Insomnia, one of the computing society servers is currently non-functional. It went down for a scheduled 2-minute reboot for a kernel upgrade, and never came back. As soon as ITS let us into their server room, it will be fixed. However, given that we're not in term time, getting hold of someone with enough security access who can let us in is proving to be fun. We have a call number, we have a support request, no-one has got back to us yet. Unfortunately, mail for domains hosted by CompSoc go...