Archive date: November 2004

Compsoc Xmas Dinner

Posted on 24th November 2004

This year the Compsoc Xmas Dinner will be in the Virgin and Castle in Kenilworth ("oooh suits you" I hear some of you say) at 7.30pm on Wednesday the 1st of December. It is a 3 course set menu, so signup now and I look forward to seeing you all there. NeXuS7.


Posted on 17th November 2004

Just a reminder that the LAN is at the end of this week and thus everyone should make sure that they have patches/antivirus software up to date (Zephran, we're watching you :-P) in case ITS fail to get the port patched in time again (We are poking them with sticks but they are busy people).

Academic Meeting

Posted on 10th November 2004

There will be an academic meeting on Wed at 5pm in union north. We haven't got a meeting room, so we're hoping to hax the lounge, if we're not in there, we'll more than likely have the meeting in rootes reception as its normally pretty quiet in there. The meeting will basically be me going "I'm the new academic officer, what do you want me to do" kind of meeting. Anybody is welcome to come along, we would love some fresh ideas :)