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IBM Hursley signups open

Posted on 15th October 2004

The signups for the CompSoc trip to IBM Hursley are now open. For those of you who don't know, Hursley is the main IBM Research and Development lab for the UK. The trip consists of a tour round the labs and a talk by some of the researchers who work there. This should prove to be interesting to anyone planning on a career in any sort of technical development field and will provide an insight in to how one of the world's major practical research labs works.

Update: Signups for this event are now closed.


CompSoc Minutes 15/10/2004

Posted on 15th October 2004

h3. CompSoc Minutes 15/10/2004

h4. In attendence

* Richard Wilson
* John Smith
* Chris Boyle
* Tim Troy
* Andrew Sully
* Peter Ellis
* Graham Richardson
* Euan Magreggor
* Sadiq Jaffer

h4. Server Downtime

Richard Wilson informed the exec that the server downtime scheduled for this weekend would begin at 1:30 due to the badmintion society having signups for an event this weekend. Richard Wilson then asked if there were any further requests with regards to what time the servers would be taken down, th...

Downtime all weekend

Posted on 12th October 2004

Both of the servers currently known as Molotov will be unavailable this weekend, for major service migrations. This will affect all shell logins, websites, and email provided by the society. IRC should still be available. We aim to start closing services early on Saturday morning. An hour's warning will be given to users logged in and attempting to log in during this time. We aim to have the most important services back up and running on Saturday evening, but nothing should be relied upon before Sunday ev...

Linux Lecture

Posted on 11th October 2004

Take the IBM Linux Challenge.

IBM has set a new Challenge for University students to make improvements to Linux, create usability tools or enhancements, or design Linux applications. Prizes will be awarded to the top 20 students who will receive an IBM ThinkPad (R) with Linux and will also have the opportunity to qualify for one of three summer 2005 Internships at our Linux Technology Center.

IBM are organising a lecture to explain the competition in L5 this Wednesday (13th) at 2pm. This will be an ideal...

Newsletter for 9 October 2004

Posted on 9th October 2004

Newsletter 2004/10/09

h3. Newsletter 2004/10/09

Hi everyone and welcome to the new year at Warwick.

# Login Problems
# Welcome to new members
# IBM Linux Challenge
# Socials
# Gaming
# Network Cable

h4. 0. Login Problems

We are currently experiencing some problems synchronizing our members database with the unions one, this has delayed some of the E-mails to new members. If you have joined the society and can't login to the website then please E-mail the exec ( ...

CompSoc Minutes - 2004/10/08

Posted on 8th October 2004

h3. CompSoc Minutes 2004/10/08

h4. Present

* Peter Ellis
* Richard Wilson
* Chris Boyle
* Timothy Troy
* Andrew Sully
* Ian Norris
* Paul Broadbridge
* Michelle D'Israeli

Peter Ellis apologised for not posting the minutes from the last meeting to the exec list and thus read the minutes for approval.

h4. Membership

It was commented that the membership was 60 down from the end of last year. Richard Wilson asked the meeting if anybody thought this was a problem but pointed out that we usually get appr...

Coming Events

Posted on 5th October 2004

It's the start of a new academic year so there's several things to mention. Firstly our Linux User Group Meetings have already kicked off, these are every Wednesday at 7.30pm in Xanana's. Next the Freshers' Social is this Saturday in a meeting room in Union North where Food and Drink will be provided. Come along meet fellow members and learn more about our society. Next we have a Cinema Trip planned for the Sunday afternoon at the end of Week 3 and our first LAN the following week, more details in a forth...


Posted on 5th October 2004

A warm welcome to everyone who's just joined us. We look forward to seeing you at our events throughout the term, more about those above.

You can find our IRC server at port 6668 (6669 for SSL), but if you're off-campus, you'll need to use some alternative ports for the moment. This is due to a network security scare during the holidays which caused IT Services to alter their firewall policy. You can connect to port 3389, or if you would like to use SSL, ...

Minutes - 2004-10-01

Posted on 1st October 2004

h3. CompSoc Minutes 2004/10/01

Peter Ellis stated that this term we are trying to keep the meetings short, and would people please use the exec list for status stuff?

h4. Summaries of work that has been done

The Exec requested that Richard Wilson and Chris Boyle post the state of the tech to the exec list.

The exec requested that Chris Boyle post the state of the new website to the exec list.

The exec requested that Peter Ellis and Michelle D'israeli post the current state of the academic side of th...