Archive date: August 2004

Campus network downtime

Posted on 26th August 2004

Due to a DOS attack being carried out on the campus network, services for the entire campus network are nearly all disabled, with the exception of web access. Further information can be found at the general "Campus Life" news page and at the ITS News page.

UPDATE: SSH and mail access to campus have been restored, so you can reach our normal IRC service using ssh.

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Campus Firewall

Posted on 26th August 2004

As part of their new security measures, ITS are blocking a large amount of services. Until we are able to get things unblocked (sometime next week, we hope), you can access irc by connecting to, port 3389 (SSL IRC is at

You can log into molotov by SSH, anything else (e.g. email) will require a solution like SSH forwarding. If you're not sure how to do that, ask us on IRC, and we'll be happy to help.

Newsletter for 7 August 2004

Posted on 7th August 2004

Update - 2004/08/07

h3. Update - 2004/08/07

Hi folks,

Hope you're all enjoying your holiday. As part of the Technical Team's efforts to maintain a reliable service, we have slightly modified the DNS configuration of the Computing Society's servers. These changes should be transparent, but if you notice any peculiar behaviour with Computing Society domain names, or any domains you may have hosted with CompSoc, please contact us (, and we'll sort them out.

For those of you ...