Archive date: June 2004

Newsletter for 20 June 2004

Posted on 20th June 2004

Update - 2004/06/20

h3. Update - 2004/06/20

The times for the BFL are as follows:

# pm Monday 21st exec arrive and setup etc.
# pm members can turn up from here onwards.
# pm Thursday 24th End of the Lan.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Newsletter for 19 June 2004

Posted on 19th June 2004

Update - 2004/06/19

h3. Update - 2004/06/19

Howdy all!

Tomorrow, from 2pm onwards, is the annual CompSoc BBQ!

Before the details of the BBQ, a quick notice. Due to an upgrade to the IRC service, IRC shall be disrupted for about ten minutes at 11pm tonight. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We shall be situated at main campus BBQ site 1. To find it, simply follow Health Centre road down to the Gibbet Hill lake and then turn right - we should be right there.

Paul Broadbridge, our soci...

CompSoc Minutes - 2004/06/18

Posted on 18th June 2004

h3. CompSoc Minutes - 2004/06/18

h4. In attendence

* David Buckley
* Chris Boyle
* Richard Wilson
* John Smith
* Michelle D'israeli
* Timothy Troy
* Andrew Sully
* Euan Maggreggor

h4. LAN

The Port Patch request has been sent with reply to

Richard Wilson and Chris Boyle were tasked to check the firewall scripts on bong; tt was agreed that the techteam woud review the policy on intenet access.

The exec formally agreed that the issue of music in the LAN rooms would be put ...

Newsletter for 9 June 2004

Posted on 9th June 2004

Newsletter - 2004/06/09

h3. Newsletter - 2004/06/09

* 1 BBQ
* 2 Mega LAN
* 3 Academic Activities
* 4 Linux User Group
* 5 Technical Team News
* 5.1 New Servers
* 5.2 Insomnia downtime
* 6 Network Cable
* 7 Contact

h4. 1 BBQ

The sun is (sometimes) shining and the paperwork has been completed, so there'll be a BBQ on Sunday 20th at 2pm. For those who have been to a CompSoc BBQ before, we're in the next site over site (site number one). This is located at the bottom of health centre road, just follow th...

CompSoc Minutes - 2004/06/04

Posted on 4th June 2004

h3. CompSoc Minutes - 2004/06/04

h4. Present

* David Buckley
* Timothy Troy
* Andrew Sully
* Christopher Boyle
* Richard Wilson
* Johnathan Smith
* Paul Broadbridge
* Peter Ellis
* Christian Bates

h4. TOS

Peter Ellis apologised for not redrafting these due to time constraints so the matter was left for later discussion.

h4. Music at LANs

It was decided that we should have 2 music servers, one in each room at the BFL.

h4. Logo Competiton

Peter Ellis was assigned to organise the logo compettion. It...