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h3. CompSoc Minutes - 30th April 2004

Posted on 30th April 2004

h4. Present

Chris Boyle / cmb
Paul Broadbridge / NeXuS7
David Buckley / bucko
Peter Ellis / PlanarPlatypus
Sophie Marshall / Seren
Phil Stoneman / DrWatson
Timothy Troy / Zephran
Richard Wilson / Si1entDave
(sorry if I missed anyone, a list was not recorded at the time)

h4. Minutes

h5. LAN

Signups will open at midnight on Saturday for 20 people, possibly to be increased when Neil Williams (the campus electrician) gets back to us. Guest signups 24 hours later. ITS need contacting about network access. ...

Compsoc Curry!

Posted on 30th April 2004

This Saturday the 1st of May, Compsoc will be going to The Royal Bengal in Earlsdon just out of Coventry for a curry. For more information take a look at the details page on our website: Any other questions, ask NeXuS7 on our IRC channel or email

Newsletter for 30 April 2004

Posted on 30th April 2004

Update - 2004/04/30

h3. Update - 2004/04/30

As you may have noticed if you were at gaming last week, ITS have decided to end public access to ITS0.11, which will become a training room only. This means we need a new venue for our gaming sessions, and we have found one: B2.08, the room on the science concourse about halfway between the library bridge and the turning to the left for L3. If in doubt, follow the sounds of gibbage, people on a caffeine high, and general gaming goodness. :-)

This also leads ...

Newsletter for 29 April 2004

Posted on 29th April 2004

Newsletter - 2004/04/29

h3. Newsletter - 2004/04/29

# Academic Stuff
# Tech Stuff
# Social Stuff
# Cat5

h4. 1. LAN

The first LAN of term will be from 8:00PM Friday the 6th of May to Sunday the 8th of May in H0.58 and H0.60. For the many of you who will have never set foot in the humanities building this is the building opposite engineering, go in the front door and turn right and after that it is obvious, or at least will be given Si1entDave will be doing a lot of the setting up. Signups will ...

h3. CompSoc Minutes - 2004/04/23

Posted on 23rd April 2004

h4. Present

* Richard Wilson (Si1entDave)
* Christian Bates (Draconas)
* Paul Broadbridge (NeXuS7)
* Andrew Sully (Crazy_Piglet)
* Michelle D'Israeli (Mishima)
* Chris Boyle (CMB)
* Euan MacGregor (zx64)
* David Buckley (bucko)
* Timothy Troy (Zephran)
* Jonathan Smith (LucidIon)

h4. Apologies

* Peter Ellis (PlanarPlatypus)

h4. Minutes

h5. Congratulations

to zx64 for slicing his thumb open within 3 hours of receiving a new tool.

h5. LAN

H0.58 and H0.60 booked. Still waiting for word from the campu...