Archive date: March 2004

Professor Kevin Warwick

Posted on 9th March 2004

Professor Kevin Warwick of Reading University's Cybernetics Department will be giving a guest lecture here on Tuesday, April 20th at 6:00pm in R0.21 (Ramphal Lecture Theatre). Professor Warwick claims to be the world's first cyborg, and had an electronic chip implanted in his arm. If you're going to go to one lecture next term, make it this one!

This lecture is open to everyone, not just Compsoc members. All are welcome!


The date has passed, and the lecture happened. Hopefully everyone found it e...

Dr Steve Matthews Lecture

Posted on 4th March 2004

This week we have scheduled a talk by Dr. Steve Matthews. The talk will be an hour's introduction to "Philosophy for Programmers", Dr. Steve Matthew's research topic. This will be on Tueday of Week 10 at 5pm, in the L4 lecture theatre (beside L3).

This is an event that should not be missed!


Lecture was had, and it was so popular that we outnumbered the people in the lecture next door! Thanks to everyone who turned up for making it a success, and thanks especially to Dr Steve Matthews for giving t...

Newsletter for 1 March 2004

Posted on 1st March 2004

Update 2004/03/01

h3. Update 2004/03/01

Hi all,

The LAN was had this weekend, and it was a roaring success, with all sorts of fun with hardware, foam "lightsaber" fights, and some excellent games of things like Generals, UT2k4, and Savage.

Two items of lost property were discovered in the process of clearing up the LAN:

# A mobile phone charger
# A set of keys

If you think that either of these belong to you, please contact me ( with a description of the items and we will arrange to ...