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Newsletter for 25 February 2004

Posted on 25th February 2004

Newsletter 2004/02/25

h3. Newsletter 2004/02/25

* 1 CompSoc Annual Elections
* 2 Academic
* 2.1 Steve Matthews Lecture
* 2.2 Bletchley Park Trip
* 2.3 Kevin Warwick Lecture
* 2.4 Careers Presentations
* 3 Socials
* 3.1 LAN Party
* 3.2 Karting
* 4 Technical
* 4.1 Technical Team
* 4.2 Insomnia Downtime
* 5 MMORPG Announcement
* 6 CAT6
* 7 Contact

h4. 1 CompSoc Annual Elections

The Elections were held at the end of Week 6, with the following results:

* President - Richard Wilson (Si1entDave)
* Vice Pr...

Karting Details

Posted on 17th February 2004

Please see and let me know if you want a lift from Leamington to Karting. We need to be there for 3pm so don't be late (Sadiq!). Robo and DrWatson have kindly offered lifts from campus, so please contact them if you require one. I would suggest that you would all need to meet at rootes reception about 2.15pm which then gives us plenty of time to get there for 3pm. I have paid £10 deposits for everyone so make sure you have £30 and some change for vending...

Swing Tutorial

Posted on 17th February 2004

The Java Swing Tutorial was had, with a good turnout! Thanks to everyone who turned up, I hope you found it informative.

The finished notes (complete with Phil's threading code example) can be found here, with the demo archive being found here.

CompSoc Elections 2004!

Posted on 14th February 2004

The Elections were held at the end of Week 6, with the following results:

* President - Richard Wilson (Si1entDave)
* Vice President - Andrew Sully (Crazy_Piglet)
* Treasurer - Timothy Troy (Zephran)
* Secretary - Pete Ellis (PlanarPlatypus)
* Technical Officer - Chris Boyle (cmb)
* Academic Officer - Michelle D'Israeli (Mishima)
* Social Officer - Paul Broadbridge (NeXuS7)

Congratulations to all the new Exec. They will spend the rest of this term learning how to perform their roles, and officially take ...

Newsletter for 13 February 2004

Posted on 13th February 2004

Update 2004/02/13

h3. Update 2004/02/13

ISE STUDENTS! (And anyone else who's interested.)

There is going to be a free tutorial on Swing, the popular Java windowing toolkit, given by a member of the Computing Society. It will include suggestions on how to get around the intricacies of Swing's threading that you won't necessarily find in the documentation. All are welcome, whether you are ISE students or not. You don't even have to be a member of the society. The important info is:

* Date: Tuesday 17th ...

Minutes - 2004-02-13

Posted on 13th February 2004

h3. CompSoc Minutes 2004-02-13

h4. Present

* Chris Boyle
* Richard Wilson
* Pete Ellis
* David Buckley
* Euan MacGregor
* Sophie Marshall
* Phil Stoneman
* Christian Bates

h4. Society Stuff

h5. Voting

A proxy vote was received.

h5. Elections

Only Paul Broadbridge had officially mailed the exec list to state his intention to stand for an exec person. Nominations will close an hour before the meeting (7pm), with the nominations only posted at the time of the elections. LAN signups open tomorrow 11pm...


Posted on 12th February 2004

The CompSoc AGM will be this Saturday (14th) at 8pm in MR4/5 (Union North - above Costcutter; the door is on the right of Costcutter) all members are encouraged to show up - we'll be voting on the new exec finding out how you thought the society has been going, as well as presenting accounts for the past year.

We look forward to seeing a large part of our membership there, and are hoping for candidates for the new exec to be from a more academic background this year - if you'd like to apply, just turn up!

Compsoc Karting Trip

Posted on 7th February 2004

On the Wednesday afternoon of Week 7 Compsoc will be going Karting at Mr.Karting near Leamington. Signups are now open and further details can be found on the events page.

Minutes - 2004-02-06

Posted on 6th February 2004

h3. CompSoc Minutes - 6th Feb 2004

h4. Present

* Christian Bates
* Paul Broadbridge
* Chris Boyle
* Richard Wilson
* Sophie Marshall
* Phil Stoneman
* Euan MacGregor
* Pete Ellis
* David Buckley

h4. Meeting scheduling

Given how the last few meetings have been held on Fridays, it was decided to move meetings permanently to Fridays (until the next time we change it).

h4. LANs

Next LAN is in LIB1, the room is booked and Phil will sort out signups and ensure that we have a working network port.

h4. Aca...

Newsletter for 6 February 2004

Posted on 6th February 2004

h3. CompSoc Newsletter - 6th Febuary 2004

# CompSoc Annual Elections
# 1 Election Details
# 2 Positions Available
# Academic
# 1 Steve Jarvis lecture
# 2 Bletchley Park Trip
# 3 Java Swing Tutorial
# LAN Followup
# Technical
# 1 SQL Downtime
# CAT5
# Contact

h4. 1 CompSoc Annual Elections

h5. 1.1 Election Details

The Computing Society Annual General Meeting will be held at 8pm on Saturday 14th February (end of Week 6) in Meeting Room 4 and 5 in Union North. If you don't know where these are, email th...