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Newsletter for 27 January 2004

Posted on 27th January 2004

h3. Member-wide mail on 27th Jan 2004

h4. Guest lecture tomorrow, Linux help this weekend

You may remember last term the Linux User Group was going to host a free guest lecture by Dave Jones, a noted kernel hacker. Unfortunately we had to cancel, but we rescheduled it to tomorrow (Wed 28th Jan), 4pm, L4. Dave Jones has worked on several areas of the Linux kernel, which is not just an extremely widely used piece of software, but also a hugely complex global team development project. The lecture is free, ...

Dave Jones lecture

Posted on 26th January 2004

Dave Jones, a coder for the Linux kernel is coming in to give a talk this Wednesday (28th Jan) at 4pm in L4 for the LUG. It's free, and anyone is welcome.

Newsletter for 26 January 2004

Posted on 26th January 2004

h3. CompSoc Newsletter for Week 4, Term 2

# Events
# 1 LAN
# 2 InstallFest (Linux Installation Help)
# 3 CompSoc Meal
# Technical
# 1 Molotov Downtime
# 2 Tech Team
# Academic
# 1 Dave Jones Lecture
# 2 Academic Team
# CAT5
# Contact

h4. 1 Events

h5. 1.1 LAN

This coming weekend (Fri 30th Jan at 8pm to Sun 1st Feb at 8pm) we'll be holding a LAN party. At the last LAN, as you may or may not know, we've had a problem with virii, so at this LAN, before you are plugged into the network, we will require evi...

Compsoc Meal (Chinese)

Posted on 26th January 2004

The Compsoc "all you can eat" Chinese will take place on the Wednesday of week 5 at 7.30pm in the Oriental Star in Leamington. Signups for this event will be open shortly and will close on midnight Sunday at the end of week 4.

Minutes - 2004-01-23

Posted on 23rd January 2004

h3. CompSoc Minutes

h4. Present

* Richard Wilson
* David Buckley
* Pete Ellis
* Phil Stoneman
* Euan MacGregor
* Christian Bates
* Chris Boyle
* Paul Broadbridge
* Sadiq Jaffer

h4. Newsletter

Newsletter to be sent to members on Monday. Content to be sent to David by Sunday afternoon.

h4. LAN

Room has been booked, Phil will contact Piazza tomorrow about network socket. Newsletter to mention having an up-to-date virus scanner, LUG installfest. Speaker placement will be adjusted to have speakers on ...

Newsletter for 23 January 2004

Posted on 23rd January 2004

h3. Members-wide mail on 23rd Jan 2003

h4. Lord of the Rings Day is Cancelled

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control the Lord of the Rings day tomorrow has been cancelled.

We will try to arrange it for a later date. Sorry all.

Chris Bates

Games Listing

Posted on 22nd January 2004

The mysteries of where we keep our gaming servers has finally been unveiled! We now have a page up at /gaming/servers which lists all of our gaming servers, tells you wether they're up and how long they've been up, what map they're on and how many players are using them. If you click the "info" links, you can also see who's on them.

Newsletter for 20 January 2004

Posted on 20th January 2004

h3. Members-wide mail on 20th Jan 2004

h4. Free guest lecture by Jason Clifford tomorrow

The Linux User Group is hosting a free guest lecture tomorrow (Wednesday 21st January) by Jason Clifford of, an ISP which he runs using Linux and which donates all its profits to free software projects. This will offer a valuable insight into various aspects of the running of a technology-centric business which many LUG and CompSoc members may see as a future career path. If you've ever wondered what goes ...

Jason Clifford Lecture

Posted on 19th January 2004

The LUG is hosting a free guest lecture this Wednesday (21st Jan) at 4pm, in L4, by Jason Clifford of, an ISP which he runs using Linux. All profits of are used to fund free software in the UK.

Translation: This guy does what many of you will want to do as a career, and he is coming here to talk about it.

Edited by Peter Ellis on 2004-01-19 11:51:10.

LAN Signups

Posted on 18th January 2004

Signups for the LAN at the end of week 4 are now open. You can sign up here.

See you there!