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Posted on 25th November 2003

The Linux User Group had organised a free guest lecture by Dave Jones, a key developer of the Linux kernel, on Wednesday 26th November. Unfortunately it has had to be postponed due to forces beyond our (and his) control. It will be re-arranged for some future time, and announced on the LUG website.

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Posted on 24th November 2003

And lo LAN was had. And lo it was good!
Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. If you preferred that room then please register your opinion with the exec.

Thank you to all the exec and other members who helped set everything up and tidy away. Big thanks to DrWatson and Si1entDave for constant efforts fixing everyone?s problems and keeping the network up at the expense of their own gaming and/or sanity.

Next time everyone is to /actually/ run a full virus scan before coming to the LAN. Punishment for failing...

Newsletter for 19 November 2003

Posted on 19th November 2003

h3. Members-wide mail on 19th Nov 2003


Hi everybody, reminder that the deadline for signing up for paintball is tomorrow at 2pm.

Just to repeat a few points:
# You do NOT have to be a member of paintball society.
# Cost is £30 for a full day's paintball and 500 rounds of ammunition - this is much cheaper than you will find anywhere else.
# This is a great way to see what paintball is about and you get to shoot me.

Complete details (including what and how to pay) are at http://www.drac...

Newsletter for 7 November 2003

Posted on 7th November 2003

h3. Members-wide mail on 7th Nov 2003

h4. Joint Paintball Game With Paintball Society

The Warwick Paintball society is organising its second game of the term for the weekend at the end of week 9, the weekend after the LAN and we are hoping to make it a joint event between us and paintball.

What this means is that members of compsoc can sign up for this event without joining paintball soc, because we are students we can get cheaper deals than if you booked separately.

What's on offer is this: only £30...

Newsletter for 6 November 2003

Posted on 6th November 2003

h3. Newsletter for Week 6, Autumn Term

Web page:
Mail the exec:
IRC : irc://

# Guest Lecture
# Careers Information
# CAT6

h4. 0. LAN

It's that time of term again, this time in B213/214 on the Science Concourse; sign ups open at noon on Saturday 8th November. In the event of there not being any space by the time you attempt to sign up, do so anyway as someone might cancel. If you would like a lift, mail th...

Minutes - 2003-11-01

Posted on 1st November 2003

h3. CompSoc Exec Minutes

h4. Present

* David Buckley
* Phil Stoneman
* Christian Bates
* Richard Wilson
* Euan MacGregor
* Sadiq Jaffer
Apologies from Chris Boyle.

h4. LAN

A LAN was held. There were problems with the music server, related to the CGIs hogging CPU causing the music to skip. As noted before, the next LAN will be held in B213/4 which is a bit smaller than the LIB rooms. We also have B219 for power leeching and if people want to sleep.
Penalising people for not turning up: at the last L...