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Newsletter for 23 October 2003

Posted on 23rd October 2003

h3. Newsletter for Week 4, Autumn Term

# LAN Party
# Pub Social
# Careers Fair
# LUG talks

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h4. 0. LAN

This weekend, it is the first CompSoc LAN party of the year. From Friday evening until Sunday evening, we will be in Lib2, having all sorts of fun playing lots of games and staying up till the wee hours. If you're planning to come along, and you wish to turn up before 9pm, b...

LAN Party

Posted on 23rd October 2003

We have been informed by Senate House that we are actually in Lib 1 for the LAN party. This is the downstairs room, which means you don't need to lug your computers quite so far :)

Wireless Hotspots

Posted on 21st October 2003

Richard Oakham (Zatneichatel) has put together an excellent page in the LUG wiki on how to use the IT Services hotspots around campus, including getting Linux to co-operate with them. Well worth a look: now you too can IRC from Airfare!

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Social Events!

Posted on 19th October 2003

CompSoc have two important social events coming up:

The first LAN party of term is at the end of next week. Signups are full, but don't let that discourage you - someone may well drop out, so it's worth signing up on the reserve list.

Also, on November the 15th, we are going to see The Matrix: Revolutions, only a week after it opens! Signups are now open. Be sure to give your money to an exec member by November the 1st, otherwise we can't book your place.

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Minutes - 2003-10-18

Posted on 18th October 2003

h3. CompSoc Exec Minutes

h4. Present

* Chris Boyle
* Richard Wilson
* Christian Bates
* Phil Stoneman
* David Buckley
* Euan MacGregor

h4. Servers

This week, we have been plagued by further issues with reliability, all of which have been unrelated to Molotov itself: ITS are migrating to a layer 3 network as well as to a gigabit connection, which has caused a few problems.

As mentioned in previous minutes, there are plans afoot for a new server:
* Molotov becomes the shell server and also hosting othe...

More Downtime

Posted on 17th October 2003

Sorry for the yet more downtime. This is once gain due to ITS and the Onion being lame and changing settings/dieing respectively.
An angry mob will be formed shortly to deal with the problem on a permanent basis, just as soon as Draconas can aquire AK-47's for everybody.

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Minutes - 2003-10-04

Posted on 4th October 2003

h3. CompSoc Exec Minutes

h4. Present

* Christian Bates
* Phil Stoneman
* Richard Wilson
* Chris Boyle
* Euan MacGregor
* Apologies from Sadiq.

h4. Finances

We have a total budget of £528.32, with an expected extra £300 - £500 from membership.

h4. Freshers Fayre

Members of the exec need to be present before 9am to help setup and register (so the society exists for the fayre). Phil will print out a form for freshers to fill in with e.g. real email address, LUG membership preference, but not Molotov a...