Archive date: September 2003

Minutes - 2003-09-27

Posted on 27th September 2003

h3. CompSoc Exec Minutes

h4. Present

* Phil Stoneman
* Sadiq Jaffer
* Euan MacGregor
* David Buckley
* Chris Boyle
* Richard Wilson

h4. Freshers Fayre

Form has been sent in. We'll have a computer and a monitor for showing stuff. Phil will contact Onion to find out when our stall will be.

h4. Budget

Phil will contact the person responsible on Monday to find out how much we actually have been allocated.

h4. IRC

Those who have net access (heh) should be around on IRC lots to welcome the new people....

Molotov downtime 26/09/03

Posted on 26th September 2003

Apologies for the Molotov downtime this morning. This was due to the University moving Molotov into a VLAN and not telling us. As a result of this, we had to change Molotov's default gateway within the University network. Things should be back to normal now.

POP Errors

Posted on 22nd September 2003

It has come to our notice that a few people have been getting mail errors. This is due to the fact that a weasel stole our POP server. This will be shortly fixed, by virtue of Si1entDave and DrWatson comandeering a Land Rover Defender, and going off-road to steal it back again. As is right and proper, we will be following the lessons learnt from the A-Team, and customising the vehicle. This will include the addition of both CB and UHF radios, increasing of the ground clearance, and adding a large M16 minigu...