Archive date: June 2003


Posted on 30th June 2003

Molotov appears to be suitably stable once again, after swapping a faulty component. Needless to say, the CompSoc Technical Team will keep an eye on things to make sure everything continues to work.

In other news, the Mega-LAN was had! And lo, there was much Goodness. Photos are here: LAN piccies. Enjoy!

Finally, have a good summer, everyone - see you next year!

Newsletter for 21 June 2003

Posted on 21st June 2003

h3. Newsletter for Week 9, Summer Term

Web page:
Mail the exec:
IRC: irc://

h4. BBQ

Turn up at about 16:30 (on the Sunday) and bring your own food and drink.

Directions: Possibly the best way to reach the site is to head for the health centre at the side of Rootes P block and continue down towards the lake.

Molotov stability

Posted on 20th June 2003

As many of you will have noticed, Molotov has crashed for the second time in quick succession. Luckily, the Technical Team were able to get in to the server room and restart things within a few hours.

We are not certain as to the cause of the failure at this stage. However, we have replaced a suspected faulty component with a known good one. We will continue to monitor the situation, and take any steps necessary to guarantee availablitity of CompSoc services.

It is likely that Molotov will suffer from a s...

Server Upgrades

Posted on 10th June 2003

Molotov has now been upgraded with the components left over from the Insomnia upgrade. Thus our servers are now:
AMD Duron 950
512Megs PC133 RAM

AMD XP2200+
1024 Megs PC2300 DDR RAM

There will probably be a Molotov reboot in the next little while, when we upgrade the kernel so we can use lm-sensors to find out how hot its getting. Other than that the latest round of upgrades is pretty much finished. The VPN works, the new IRCd is running smoothly, and the hamsters are running fast enough ...

Newsletter for 8 June 2003

Posted on 8th June 2003

h3. Newsletter for Week 7, Summer Term

# Server downtime
# CounterStrike
# Next year
# CAT5

Web page:
Mail the exec:
IRC : #compsoc

h4. 0. Server downtime

Having upgraded Insomnia to an Athlon XP 2200 and 1GB of RAM, we'll be upgrading Molotov on Monday 9th (in week 8) between about 12:00 and 14:00. Molotov will be going from a Pentium 3 500 with 256MB to a Duron 950 with 512MB.

h4. 1. BBQ

The sun is (s...

End of term LAN and BBQ

Posted on 3rd June 2003

Hi guys, with exams and the like going on, CompSoc hasn't done much this term, but fear not; there's more to come after the exams!

We have a barbeque on the Sunday at the end of week 9 (22nd Jun), followed by the longest LAN CompSoc have ever held - 76 hours! This one will be starting as a "pre-LAN" on Monday 23rd June, which will be held in Lib1 (since Lib2 was booked), and followed immediately by the full LAN, held in both rooms, starting on Tuesday 24th.

Signups for the LAN will be activated on Tuesday...