Archive date: March 2003

CS Results

Posted on 15th March 2003

Well for those unaware the results of our CS fun last night were:

* Fade enjoyed setting evil gravity that killed you if you walked down a ramp!

* Past and future presidents engaged in furious bidding wars for the right to decide map settings.

* Draconas became the mad auctioneer at brief periods as the admin bribes escalated to ridiculous levels.

* Sadiq proved to be the master at "death from above" with a submachine gun.

* Some society members grudgingly admitted that CS is actually a good ...

Counterstrike Tournament

Posted on 11th March 2003

This Friday (Week 10), The Computing Society will be holding a Counterstrike gaming tournament in aid of Comic Relief.

Entry fee: £2.00
Time: 10:00 pm
Location: ITS0.11, under L3 (Near Getech)
Bring along: Your own headphones, and money for bribes

The server operators will be accepting reasonable bribes, so the evening promises to be full of mayhem and fun! After all, how many other societies give you the opportunity to kill people for a good cause? ;)

Newsletter for 11 March 2003

Posted on 11th March 2003

Newsletter for 2003-11-03

h3. Newsletter for 11 March 2003

Hey everybody! It is with a heavy heart (and heavier workload) that I must bid you farewell with this, my final newsletter before handing over the reins to the new Computing Society Secretary. Let's see what we have in store for you this time...

# Comic Relief Counterstrike Tournament
# Elections results
# Perl & graphics tutorials
# Compsoc 'Shop'
# CAT5
# Guest lecture

h4. 1. Comic Relief Counterstrike Tournament

That's right; we have, as ...

Minnits - 8 March 2003

Posted on 8th March 2003

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 8 March 2003

h4. Present

* David Buckley
* Phil Stoneman
* Henry Southgate
* Adam Bowen
* Christian Bates
* James Ross
* Richard Wilson
* Euan MacGregor
* Christopher Boyle
* David de la Motte
* Sadiq Jaffer
* Christopher Fanning

h4. Guest Lecture

"Dr Solomon" agreed to do a talk. Phil to confirm date and ask about travelling costs. The talk is likely to be about programming and personal anecdotes about starting a business. It was suggested that we use one of the libr...

Minnits - 1 March 2003

Posted on 1st March 2003

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 1 March 2003

h4. Present

* David Buckley
* Christian Bates*
* Adam Bowen
* James Ross
* Henry Southgate
* Phil Stoneman
* Sadiq Jaffer*
* David de la Motte
* Euan Macgregor*
* Christopher Fanning
(* new exec)

h4. Agenda

Tutorials, new exec, budget, Comic Relief, University of Portsmouth Computing Society, LANs, shop, sponsorship, VNC.

h4. Tutorials

Perl tutorial to be held in weeks three and four, possibly also in week five of term three.
Quake3 tutorial to be held in...