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Minnits - 30 September 2002

Posted on 30th September 2002

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 30 September 2002

h4. Present

* Dave de la Motte
* Henry Southgate
* Chris Fanning
* Adam Bowen
* James Ross

h4. LUG

The LUG are to have a seat on the exec, which will be filled by Tom Edwards. Dave to mail him to explain that exec meetings have started, his contribution would be welcomed etc. The LUG will also be given the opportunity to have a page in the booklet (the one available at the Freshers Fayre) and can share our space at the FF. Any contribution they make to...

v2 Arrives

Posted on 30th September 2002

And, finally, it's here. The new version of the CompSoc website... and by Bob it's taken some effort. I expect it will be a bit odd to navigate at first, since the main changes have been to do with the organisation of the pages - hopefully it's a bit more logical now (yeah, I wish :) ). As always, you find something broken, incorrect, or just any comments generally, send them on the back of a postcard, to