Archive date: August 2002

Email on molotov

Posted on 26th August 2002

Email on molotov is sorted. You can send and receive email if you have a molotov account, using your normal molotov username and password. You can even send and receive it securely, with the connection between your computer and molotov all nice and encrypted. For details, see this document

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Molotov MkII

Posted on 23rd August 2002

By the time you all read this, the new server will be installed and working fine (I hope!). If there are any problems with the new setup, please mail me. Those of you with dynamic PHP scripts will need to change them; for details, go to
We will, at some point, have pages further detailing the services that Molotov MkII will offer you.

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Replacement server

Posted on 20th August 2002

In order to provide better services for our members in the coming academic year, we're intending to replace the machine that is currently being 'molotov' with a brand new, sparkling, funky server. Or something. Anyway, the net effect is that services will be unavailable for a period from about 5pm onwards on Thursday (22nd) until midday-ish on Friday (23rd). Any changes made to data on molotov (eg IRC and user accounts) may not be stored. I will post another news item once everything's done. Mail me with an...

Email on molotov

Posted on 14th August 2002

Those of you who use molotov for your email will have noticed that email's been broken for a week or two. This is now fixed. Email posted to will be delivered correctly. Users wishing to post by using molotov should set their mail client to use smtp authentication with their molotov username and password, on port 8025. POP3 still works as normal on port 110. Email if you have any queries.


Posted on 8th August 2002

Even though we're out of term time, the society is still ticking over! This weekend a legion of dedicated gamers are heading down to Newbury to take part in the 4-day LAN heaven that is 'i12'. For those of you that couldn't go, there's always i14 :D

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