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Minnits - 29 April 2002

Posted on 29th April 2002

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 29 April 2002

h4. Present

* Dave de la Motte
* Henry Southgate
* Tom Cropper
* Adam Bowen
* Chris Fanning
* Jake Staines
* James Ross

h4. Space on H: drive

With the space of the suahu H: drive down to less than 100MB it was agreed that decisive action would be taken and that half-life would be summarily executed....errr deleted from the drive. See item below for details. This fact to be put in the next newsletter.

h4. S7

We agreed to add 1 more signup to the list to...

Yay, more downtime!

Posted on 27th April 2002

Once again, molotov needs some downtime. This is just a simple reboot, so all will (should) go as planned. I will be rebooting molotov at 14:00, on Monday, April 29th. Things should be back to (relatively) normal by 14:10. I will post in the newsgroup (uwarwick.societies.computing) when it's all over.

S7 Signups!

Posted on 24th April 2002

In case there's anyone still in confusion, the signups for S7 - the next big LAN - are open, as of 12:00 today. Spaces are running out, so go signup now.

Edited by Jake Staines on 2002-04-24 13:20:58.

Molotov downtime

Posted on 24th April 2002

On Wednesday (24th April) morning, from approx 7:15 until 11:45, molotov was not working. This was due to a failed power supply, which has now been replaced. All systems should be back to normal, if not, mail me.

Newsletter for 23 April 2002

Posted on 23rd April 2002

2002-04-23 - Newsletters - About - CompSoc

h3. Newsletter for 23 April 2002

h4. CompSoc Newsletter

Hello everybody, welcome to another newsletter from your friendly neighbourhood Computing Society and the first from your new secretary. If it's a hectic start to the third term for you then kick back and relax for a few minutes while you read this:

# s7
# Big LAN
# Edinburgh Gamesoc
# Oxford Brookes Gamesoc
# Passwords for our website

h4. 1.s7

That's right, the seventh in our line of sleep-reduction...

The Countdown Begins

Posted on 19th April 2002

Well, term 3 is almost upon us, Warwick Piazza almost works, and CompSoc are planning more events as usual... this term we're planning: 2 LANs (one of them will be big), possibly a BBQ (if we can arrange it), and the usual quota of 2 gaming sessions and one open source project meeting a week - that's 27 events total. Oh, and while you're trying to work that calculation out, you would be strongly advised to get yourself a shiny website password, which you'll need for signing up to events from now on.