Archive date: December 2001

The End of Term

Posted on 8th December 2001

The end of term is upon us, and you've all gone home, and campus is closed. You may be wondering what you're going to do for the next 4 weeks, well, you can hang around on our IRC server, for general chat on #compsoc, or discussing games on #games. You could, of course, help with our open source project Lightbikes 3D - any help is welcome! But, whatever you do in the next 4 weeks, have a good Christmas.

Minnits - 5 December 2001

Posted on 5th December 2001

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 5 December 2001

h4. Present

* Richard Colfer
* Tom Cropper
* Alexis Birkill
* Jake Staines
* Henry Southgate
* Tom Ward

h4. One World Week

We've had some guys from the One World Week ask us if they can use Molotov as their server during said week. We said they can have an account, and the following points were discussed.

* Username - oww
* Java - possible, but not for definite.
* Domain - we can host this if they'd like.
* E-Cards - fair enough.
* SMS - OK if they priv...