Archive date: March 2001

Minutes - 14 March 2001

Posted on 14th March 2001

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits - 14 March 2001

h4. Present

- Richard Colfer
- Chris Smith
- Tom Cropper
- Henry Southgate
- Jake Staines
- James Ross

h4. Agenda

- Budget
- Red Nose Day
- CS Ladder
- Server
- Inter-Uni Gaming
- Laminator
- ASP for Charity
- Next Meeting

h4. Quotes

During the drive from Uni to the City Arms Earlsdon, this snippet was overheard and reported to your trusty Secretary.

``There's only one care between us and Jake, and he's a git.''

It should also be pointed out that last...

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Minnits - 7 March 2001

Posted on 7th March 2001

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 7 March 2001

h4. Attended

* Tom Cropper
* Alexis Birkill
* Richard Colfer
* Tom Worley
* Henry SouthCentral
* Jake Staines (belated)

h4. Agenda

* Server
* 36-hour LAN
* Regular LAN
* Gaming
* i7
* Laminator
* Finance Card
* Web Site
* CS Tournament

h4. Quotes

Before the meeting, several people wanted to get some quotes in.
Tom is mind-bendingly Evil -Jake
Chris S's useless -Tom Cropper

h4. Server

As of the meeting, Tom was officialy still waiting for a d...

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