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Minnits - 6th December 1999

Posted on 6th December 1999

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 6th December 1999

h4. Attended

* Chris Smith
* Chris Salmon
* Barry Boden
* Andrew Rudnicki
* Apologies from Mike

h4. Contents

* Gaming at CSV
* Dreamcast
* LAN Party
* Treasure Hunt
* Webmaster
* Treasurer
* LAN Soc
* Laserquest SOC
* Refreshers fair
* Budget

h4. 1: Gaming at CSV

Gill at CSV has been mailed, and a meeting arranged for Wed 8th 17:00 with Alison Allden, the Group Leader of Academic Services group, and the Group leader of PC Group. The fes...

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