Welcome to UWCS Shop

Ladies and gentlemen, have I got news for you! The University of Warwick Computing Society, also known as UWCS, is selling some incredible merchandise. Let me tell you, it's fantastic. We've got hoodies, t-shirts, programming socks, and stickers. And the best part? They're selling them at cost! That's right, folks. UWCS is not making a profit off of these amazing products.

The hoodies are just tremendous. They're warm, they're cozy, and they look sharp. And let me tell you, these t-shirts are out of this world. They're soft, they're breathable, and they come in a variety of colors. And if you're looking for some stylish socks, the UWCS programming socks are just the thing. They're comfortable and feature very cool colours.

And don't even get me started on the stickers. They're beautiful, they're durable, and they're perfect for laptops, water bottles, and even cars. It's an excellent way to show your support for UWCS.

So what are you waiting for, folks? Get yourself some UWCS merchandise today. You won't regret it. And remember, UWCS is selling them at cost. It's a deal you won't find anywhere else. Thank you, and God bless UWCS!

Unfortunately, last year, the SU got annoyed at us subsidising you guys' merch, so we have to sell exactly at cost. We are not allowed to subsidise or profit on anything, except we are allowed to subsidise exec hoodies and give away free non-clothing items, go figure.

Also note some of the images on the SU's site are from last year, and so out of date. The versions on this site are correct.

Card Deck

A stylish, custom-print, 54-card standard deck in our signature Computing Society colours. Each card has a unique particle pattern, generated by a modified Poisson distribution. The joker designs especially are a highlight of the pack.

Buy for £11.22 @ Warwick SU
Sticker Pack

Do you like stickers? We have a lot of them. The mega sticker pack includes a wide array of high-quality designs, with sizes ranging from 5-8cm wide.

Whether you're looking to slap these bad boys on the back of your laptop, want to show off the superiority of "GitHub" on the fridge, or brand someone with the mark of Milk Mondays, now's your chance!


Buy for £3.23 @ Warwick SU

For when a T-Shirt doesn't quite protect you from the elements, introducing our brand new, state of the art, never seen before invention - a pull-over hoodie! We have "Warwick Computing" down the sleeve to show how utterly irresistible you are to everyone, the dots logo on the other, and the society's shield logo on the chest of this comfortable hoodie.


Buy for £25 @ Warwick SU