👾 Friday Night Gaming W10 👾

7pm Fri 30 Jun

DCS Atrium

This is it. The last Friday Night Gaming of the year. :wah:

We have a huge selection of fun activities for you to choose from, so come along for a great night :)

There are tons of options for consoles: Xbox with Rockband, Wii, Nintendo Switches, PS4 and more—all having a huge variety of games.

If you are more into Steam, we have that too! Not only that, but you can get full access to the department computers and enjoy a wide selection of free games (wow!)

It doesn't stop there folks. We also have a freaking Oculus VR headset, so you can immerse yourself in Metaverse games. Beat Saber is a popular choice, but we have tons of options!

Did you think that was it? We even have J͟a͟c͟k͟b͟o͟x͟, along with other party games that will continue through the night.

If you find yourself available, pop by for Friday Night Gaming and enjoy this huge range of options!