🍵 Calcium Café W3 🍵

5pm Tue 09 May


A one-time event, we will be combining Milk Monday with CompCafé due to the Bank Holiday!

More exams are coming up and everyone is stressing, so why not pass by Calcium Café! and study with us from 5pm onwards this Tuesday!

If you have any topics you're curious about or need help with, just ask anyone around. We have students from all years here, so someone will be hopefully able to help you out!

Don't want to study? No problem! Tons of us love to talk, look at funny content, and just generally destress :)

Most importantly, we will be providing snacks and 𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕜 at this specific session, since you need some energy this exam season with all of the studying that will be going on.

We hope to see you at the udderly amazing Calcium Café!