☕ CompCafé W6 + CS259 Revision

5pm Tue 14 Feb


As promised, we're also starting to do revision sessions! 2nd Years have class tests coming up, so here's what's happening:

  • Last CompCafé (Week 5): CS262 Logic & Verification class test prep from 7pm
  • This CompCafé (Week 6): CS259 Formal Languages class test prep from 7pm

The idea is to walk through some of the more challenging questions and topics, as well as offer some tips. We understand that today's one is pretty short notice, but we hope you'll find them both useful. If you have any suggestions for what you think we should focus on, let us know!

Introducing CompCafe ☕: designed to get people together! Every Tuesday, from 5pm onwards.

Whether you've got an upcoming deadline, need to work through some topics, want to bounce some ideas off people with work, or just hang out? This is for you!

We'll be providing snacks at every session, and will have people on hand if you need support with your studies. We're also planning to host other, smaller events there in future: keep an 👁️ out!