🚩 Nettitude Talk and CTF

1:30pm Wed 30 Nov


Hosted by the Cyber Society, Nettitude will be coming in on Wednesday for some talks and a capture the flag event! There will be some short talks about Nettitude and career opportunities in cyber security, and an introduction to pentesting.

The CTF will take place after, with Amazon vouchers and a Red Team Field Manual book for the winners, and also books for the top 5 runners up. Note that the CTF will be bring your own device, and a Kali Linux VM or similar is recommended (but any Linux will probably be fine).

If you have any questions about Nettitude feel free to contact @Ziemni#0001 on Discord, who is a Warwick cyber alumni now working there!

Note: Only cyber students have access to the IMC, ping exec on Discord if you have trouble getting in