🍻 Leam Pub Crawl

6:30pm Fri 18 Nov

Leamington Spa

We'll be starting in TBar on campus at 6pm to cash in on bus stop which happens 5-7, and will be moving on from there according to the schedule below. We've got a great selection of pubs/bars we'll be going to as we stumble walk from north to south-ish Leam and will be finishing off the night in Kelsey's Bar!

Join us at TBar on campus or The Clarendon in Leam!

Terrace Bar18:00 - ~19:30
U1 Bus to Upper Parade19:30 - ~19:56
(Or take the 11 Bus to Upper Parade19:40 - ~20:07)
The Clarendon20:00 - ~21:00
Old Library21:00 - ~22:00
TJ’s Bar and Grill22:00 - ~23:00
Kelsey's Live23:00 - late