🗳️ Fresher Rep Election

8pm Fri 04 Nov

Department of Computer Science

In our last AGM, we voted to add a Freshers' Rep to our Exec Team!

Are you in 1st Year ? Want to get more involved with the creation of our events? Consider applying for Fresher Rep!

Okay, but what's a 'fresher rep'? As the name suggests, you'll be helping us to make sure our events are relevant and helpful for everyone in your year. But it's not just that! You're more than welcome to suggest and create new events you'd like to see, which we're happy to support you with, whether that be academic, social, or gaming. We know we're not unique in offering a position with this name, but we hope you'll find it a great experience.

How to take part, in 3 simple steps:

  1. Make sure you're a member of the Computing society! We're completely free to join
  2. Register your interest in the position, on this short (we promise) form! go.uwcs.uk/rep
  3. Turn up on election day! This will be Week 5 Friday at 7:30pm, with the room being CS0.07.

And most importantly: Only 1st years can vote in this election - it's a fresher rep, not a boomer selection!

Best of luck - and feel free to discuss on Discord in #elections