Welcome Week Gaming

7pm Fri 01 Oct

Department of Computer Science

The first of our many weekly gaming nights. Join us in the Department of Computer Science building (DCS) for a night of PC, console, and VR gaming.

Every Friday from 7pm we book out some of the ground-floor labs in the DCS and set up the computers with a collection of DRM-free games and a Steam client. We also provide a set of old and new consoles, including current-generation games as well as old-school consoles like the Wii and Xbox 360 set up with full Rockband equipment.

The event is drop in, so feel free to come and go as you please. The event lasts from Friday evening into Saturday morning, but there's absolutely no obligation to stay that long.

Food is not provided, but many people take the opportunity to form group takeaway orders.

(Please note this event is subject to changing social distancing rules, and may be limited to signups or moved online if required for the safety of members - please check nearer the event for clarification)