Summer LAN

12pm Mon 28 Jun

Remote - Discord

aka CompSoc plays games and does stuff, aka post exam extravaganza

It's that time of the year again, it's Summer LAN time! Join us Monday to Friday of Week 10, 28th June to 2nd July for a fun-filled week of games, chilling out and just generally doing things.

For those unfamiliar, LAN stands for Local Area Network. In a normal world, we’d normally gather in a large room in the Library, bring our computers and have a fun time chatting, getting to know others, and generally some video games too. Alas, this year, we will be doing the same virtually, with our Discord server replacing the room in the library. The sort of things you can expect to see at LAN include:

  • A range of tournaments - feeling competitive? Well, you've come to the right place!
  • A quiz - get ready to test your knowledge of everything!
  • A movie night - who knows what movie or how it will go, but hey, it's a movie!
  • Our music server Amphi - add your favourite tunes to the server and listen with everyone else at the same time
  • Just general playing games and chatting!

A full schedule of the events we will be running this week can be found below:

We'll be running Summer LAN in our Discord server, which you can join here: You'll need to download any games you want to play ahead of time, but we will announce what is running each day to give you some notice!

Closer to the time, we'll be moving some channels around in an attempt to recreate the authentic LAN experience a bit.

While LAN is running from Monday to Friday, there's no obligation to stay for the whole time. Feel free to just pop in for a bit of time here and there! Don't fancy taking part in any of the events? No problem at all! We'll still be around to chat and chill or play other games too.

We look forward to seeing you there!