Nettitude Capture the Flag

2pm Wed 19 May

Remote - Teams

Nettitude will run a capture the flag (CTF) event at 2pm on May 19. This will be conducted remotely via Microsoft Teams.

The event will last 3-4 hours in total, comprising of:

  • A short presentation about Nettitude and the penetration testing industry
  • The main CTF event
  • The announcement of winners, followed by an interactive Q&A

There will be three practical challenges which students should tackle individually. Some prior hacking knowledge or CTF experience would be useful, but there are easy, medium, and hard flags, so the event will be accessible to tech-enthusiasts of any level.

Nettitude may also provide hints throughout the event, and assistance will be provided to participants in case any difficulties arise.


You'll need to have Kali Linux installed and up to date before the event starts!

There's a guide on how to set this up on Kali's website, but if you need some more help, we're happy to assist in the #tech channel on our Discord server.

Sign ups

Use the link below!

Nettitude need to know the names and email addresses of all participants before Friday 14th May.