Lightning Talks - Fresher's Edition

7pm Tue 29 Sep

Remote - Microsoft Teams

We'll be running a session of lightning talks (short talks that last about 15 minutes) across a set of different areas and themes related to technology! They'll be given by current members of the society and some of our graduates who have gone on to work in industry. In the past we've had talks related to programming tools, problems encountered in industry and even a karaoke talk about functional programming!

Due to Discord limitations, we're going to be hosting them through a Teams 'Live Event' where you'll able to join via the link below! This should be possible for anyone internal to the university, and hopefully you'll all be able to access Teams, as it'll be key throughout this term I'm sure!

We'll have a brief introduction from the Exec before jumping straight into 3 very different talks!

  • Breaking, then rewriting the university's post system
  • You can't spell Functional Programming without 'Fun'
  • Graphs and how to know them

Link to meeting on Teams