AGM + Elections

6pm Fri 28 Feb

OC1.01, Oculus Building

Our next AGM is nearly upon us! We're going to be voting on our constitutional amendments and electing our new exec. The currently proposed amendments are as follows:

  • Ensuring all elections use Single Transferrable Voting
  • Establishment of a Women's Officer role
  • Establishment of an Academic Coordinator role

If you'd like to suggest an amendment, please contact any member of the exec! You'll have until the 21st of February to make suggestions!

While the exact number of roles up for grabs may change based on the above amendments, the following roles are guaranteed to be available. Please contact the current position holder if you'd like an explanation of the role.

President - currently Sam Coy -
Gaming President - currently David Barringer -
Secretary - currently Ryan Murray -
Treasurer - currently Toby Lawrence -
Tech Officer - also Toby
Social Secretary - currently Scott Wilson -

These positions along with Academic Coordinator and Women's Officer may also be electable roles, subject to the above amendments being passed.

If you'd like to run for an exec position, you can let us know before or during the election. Our exec are more than happy to explain the responsibilities of their roles if you ask.

We'll also be providing Pizza for attendees!