How do you Vue?

1pm Wed 23 Oct

Department of Computer Science, CS1.04

Computing Society are running our next academic talk of the term this week, on Wednesday at 1pm in CS1.04 (Department of Computer Science), entitled ‘How do you Vue?'

This talk will introduce you to the Vue.js library, commonly used as a framework for creating web applications in a modular way. It'll cover the basics of how to get started all the way to creating your first application, this time we'll be creating a Shopping List application as an example.

Modern web development is a fast changing area, with many libraries appearing and disappearing again in much the same time. One thing that has remained constant however is the rise of this type of modular development, so despite the language or framework changing, the ideas behind it will (probably) be around for a while!

To give us an idea of numbers, if you want to come along we'd appreciate it if you say you're "Going" on our Facebook event or let one of the exec know!