CompSoc AGM 2018

6pm Fri 16 Feb


This is our annual meeting where we discuss the last year and elect our new Exec team! This year's event will be held just before our Gaming and Programming Workshop sessions in Week 6, in the Oculus.

Firstly, a few important points:

  • You must be a member of the society for two weeks before the election in order to be eligible to vote - that means you have to be a member before 6pm on February 2nd.
  • You must be a member of the society at the time of the election in order to be eligible to stand for an exec position.
  • You can nominate yourself for a position before the election, or on the day. You may send a manifesto to the President at, these will be sent to any absent members who are voting "by post". All candidates will also be allowed to give a short speech on the day.
  • If you can't make the election, then let us know! We'll let you vote "by post", by which we mean we'll email you the candidates and give you a day to send back your choices. If you'd like to stand for a position but can't make it, let us know and we'll allow you to run. We'll also happily read a short speech for you if you'd like to provide one.

The positions up for election, with a brief description of the responsibilities involved, are as follows:

  • Academic President (President): The public face of the society, the President is ultimately responsible for everything the society does. Communicating with the SU and our wonderful sponsors, organising academic events and talks, and setting the general direction for the society.

  • Gaming President (Vice-President): The Gaming President is responsible for all things Gaming - whether it be organising and running Gaming events and LANs, to getting new consoles and games, to running competitions.

  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for managing the society's funds and requesting money from the SU (and our wonderful sponsors).

  • Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for sending society newsletters, booking rooms for events, organising and minuting exec meetings, maintaining event pages and other sources of information on the website, and other administrative business.

  • Tech Officer: The Tech Officer is responsible for all of our tech equipment, from switches to servers, and for providing technical support for the services we offer.

  • Social Secretary: The Social Secretary arranges and leads social events, participates in circles and ensure new and old members gel together to form a friendly and cohesive environment.

    The responsibilities of the following roles may be subsumed by other roles if nobody runs for them.

  • **Health and Safety Officer: **Electric-shocks, tripping hazards and cleanliness. It is the Health and Safety Officer’s task to ensure that no harm befall any member of the society on account of dangerous use of the society’s or its members’ equipment.

  • **Equal Opportunities Officer: **CompSoc welcomes members from all backgrounds and disciplines. It is the responsibility of the Equal Opportunities Officer to ensure that all services and roles are available to each and every member of the society, should they wish to take them.

  • **Welfare Officer: **It is up to the Welfare Officer to make sure that all members of the society are okay and that everybody gets along. The holder of this role is expected to co-operate with the health and safety officer to ensure the general well-being of the society’s members.

  • Gaming Officers (1-3): It is the responsibility of Gaming Officers to assist with the organisation of Gaming events, such as our weekly Gaming sessions and our LAN parties. Note: members can be appointed to this role by the Gaming President as required, this role is not necessarily elected.

We hope to see as many of you there as possible, it's right before Gaming so we'll go there afterwards.