Secret Santa 2017

6pm Wed 06 Dec

The Farmhouse

Information About the Secret Santa

If you only want to go to the Christmas Meal do not sign up for Secret Santa!

Sign close Week 7 Saturday (November 18th) with your recipient chosen for you that same day. That gives you about three weeks to figure out what to get this person and bring it along to the end of term meal.

Names will be passed through and we'll email you who you've been matched up with along with a link to the event page and a copy of what they've put in the sign up box.


  • £20 Hard Limit, gifts should be around £10-£15
  • Be Reasonable
  • Nothing NSFW (including joke items)
  • Gifts must be gift wrapped
  • Only the name of the recipient is to be on the present, either on a label or written on the wrapping.

A Note on Steam Games

If you decide to give a Steam game, you must buy either a physical copy or buy a CD Key and write it inside a Christmas card, remember to put the recipient on the envelope if you choose to do this.

Sign Up Information

When you sign up for this event, you must be able to attend the end of term meal, if a situation arises where you can no longer attend the meal, contact one of the exec or the social sec (who you can reach through the Facebook event page), from there we can arrange to collect your gift and bring it to the meal ourselves.

What to Include in the Sign Up Box

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your Warwick email address.
  • A list of allergies.
  • A few hobbies/interests.
  • Shirt Size
  • Steam Profile Link

If you make a mistake or want to change something, remove your sign up from the page and add it again, make sure you do this before the closing date though.