CompSoc AGM

5pm Wed 01 Mar


This is the annual meeting in which we discuss what went on over the year, and also elect our new Exec! To vote/run in our election, you MUST BE A MEMBER OF COMPSOC AT MINIMUM 3 DAYS BEFORE the AGM! You may disclose your intent to run, or turn up on the day. Manifestos can be given to the exec to be posted online, or you can post them on Facebook yourself (MANIFESTOS ARE OPTIONAL, EACH CANDIDATE WILL BE ASKED TO GIVE A 3 MINUTE SPEECH AT THE EVENT).

There is no restriction to who can run! First years are very welcome and encouraged! Feel free to approach current exec for tips and advice. The places up for grabs are:

  • Academic (and overall) President
  • Gaming President
  • Gaming Officer x2
  • Tech Officer
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Health and Safety (although this can be absorbed by the other exec if needed, and will be the LAST role to fill up, ie, all other roles MUST be filled first)
  • Equal Ops (Same as health and safety)