AGM on Wed 28th January 2015

3pm Wed 28 Jan


The AGM is the opportunity for members to vote on changes to the society’s constitution, and also the time for members to elect the new executives of the society.

For a list of available roles and to find out more about what being exec entails, have a look at the role descriptions.

To stand for an exec position you should express your intent before the meeting, traditionally this is done by submitting a manifesto. You may email your manifesto to . The deadline for submitting intent/manifestos is the day before the AGM at 15:00. If no intents/manifestos are submitted for a position then anyone attending the meeting is able to stand on the day instead.

Manifestos will be interpreted as plain text.

You must come to the AGM in order to stand. After deciding on changes to the constitution we will allow speeches from those standing, and then the local votes will be made and counted.

We will not be running remote voting this year. Please contact the secretary if you would like to discuss this.

Only full members are allowed to vote at the election. You must be a full member at least 72 hours before the AGM to vote/stand.

If you have any questions about any of the positions, you may wish to contact the respective current exec.


*Academic President*

William Seymour - manifesto:

AKA mcnutty, current Treasurer.

As treasurer this year I've been busy securing funding for our £3k+ server cluster project. I've also been building up a working relationship with various parts of the SU, which helped us save Christmas LAN!

If I was elected as academic president this year I'd like to focus on better integration with DCS, with the aim of running bigger and better events like progcomps. Also smash on the piazza screen, because that'd be awesome. This would be my fourth exec position at Warwick over the years, and I've seen what works and what doesn't.

*Gaming President*

Alistair Crook - announced intent to run.

Freddie Marshall - manifesto:

• Gaming Diversity
• Targeted Sponsorship
• Gradual separation though no soon split:
Step 1 – Change the name (add gaming)
Step 2 – Separation of responsibilities between a gaming side and computing side (exec)
Step 3 – Attract new sounces of money by appealing to specific sponsors
Step 4 – Find the best way to split – dependent on mood and opinion – likely not within this year.
• Lot greater advertising for gaming
• Esports support (watching and playing) – Potential teams
• Inter-societal events for publicity (bands/larping)


Rhiannon Michelmore - announced intent to run.


Tom Hoare - manifesto:

AKA MisterMarmite, current Secretary.

Hopefully you think I do good things in the Society already. I have demonstrated the organisational skills, understanding of SU mechanics and enthusiasm needed for this role. I'm a MORSE student, so I can add up. I also promise to embezzle no more than half as much as our current Treasurer does.

*Technical Officer*

Rayhaan Jaufeerally - manifesto:

Current Technical Officer.

During my time as technical officer so far I have tried to maintain as many CompSoc services running as smoothly as was reasonably possible. The most challenging of these was managing the numerous services all running on codd.

At the beginning of my term I said I would work on acquiring and setting up the CompSoc server cluster so that services could be deployed in a reliable and distributed fashion making configuration and management of running services easier. Significant progress has been made with this project, the hardware has been acquired, placed into an appropriate datacenter facility and base software installed. What remains to be done is to setup the clustered filesystems and linux container management services.

In addition to the cluster, I was also concerned with modernising CompSoc projects. I have written a generic authentication service with the intent of providing one CompSoc login for all services rather than the fragmented system that is in use at the moment. This system is currently undergoing code review and awaiting approval. Ideally this system will pave the way for future developments in the CompSoc ecosystem, including a new web application, new music server (a prototype was deployed at the LAN last weekend).

Something that did not go as expected during my term was the delay in getting our gaming server arora back online after it had to be reinstalled following the shellshock vulnerability. With regards to security this incident, the server was taken offline as soon as possible and the user data taken off. Due to changes in Warwick ITS policy regarding open ports since the time arora was initially setup, there have been issues connecting to some gaming services from off campus, after arora was reinstalled. I intend to solve this issue by migrating gaming services to the cluster in DCS once that is setup, and enhance connectivity off campus using the CompSoc VPN.

I hope to be able to continue maintaining services, and developing for CompSoc, regardless of whether I am still the technical officer next year. Thank you to everyone who has made this a fantastic year!

*Socials Officer*

Martin Dalzell - manifesto:

AKA Robot, current Socials Officer.

I have been your Social exec for the past year, planning events and ensuring we have our weekly social running. In the last year alone I have organised, go-karting, laser quest, movie viewing, Cosmo trips, secret Santa, Christmas meals and our yearly handover meal.

I do believe that this is only the tip of the iceburg. If I get elected, I will be organising many more fun and interesting trips, try and sort out a laser quest tournament against other societies and much much more! (I MAY also stop queuing “Hey ya” at LAN).

Sophia Farrell-Reed - announced intent to run.

*Publicity Officer*

Alice Fitzgerald - announced intent to run.

Timothy Sit - announced intent to run.