LAN Party on Fri 21st November 2014

7pm Fri 21 Nov


It's almost time for the winter holidays to start and that means it's time for a LAN Party. More importantly, Dragon Age: Inquistion will have just been released. If you're playing it, try not to spoil anyone else in the room.

Our LAN parties last almost 48 hours from 7:00pm on friday to 5:00pm on sunday. Don't worry, though! You don't have to stay there the whole time. There will always be a member of exec in the room, supervising and keeping an eye on your belongings.

All LANs take place in LIB 2, the entrance to which is just to the right of the Library Cafe.

Just sign up below and put yourself on the seating plan to join in the fun!

For information on LANs, including what they are and what you should bring, go to

Room Booking issues meant that this LAN might not have happened. However, McNutty snd Marmite, our treasurer and secretary, swooped in and saved the day so thank them if you get the chance. YOU GO GUYS!