Academic Talk on Fri 31st October 2014

5pm Fri 31 Oct


The advanced shell talk will introduce more basic concepts, following from the introductory shell talk earlier in the year. It shall also focus on some specific subjects with more detail.

This talk will be longer than the previous one, although there shall be a short break in the middle should you wish to take a break or leave early without hassle. The talk shall be two parts, the first given by rayhaan, and the second by Veltas.

Some items to be covered: UNIX philosophy, piping, typical file system structure, using *NIX more in your life, jobs, GNU Make, Tar, globbing, dcs-get.

There shall be a 'cheatsheet' handout again, laptops are allowed, but it will be harder to follow along: the pace will be higher this time. There will be links on cheatsheet for the slides.