AGM - Legacy on Wed 5th March 2014

1pm Wed 05 Mar


Election for the newly created Exec position of Publicity Officer - to create and distribute advertising materials, and increase awareness of the Society and our events across the University.

Exec are traditionally expected to fill in slots for the LAN rota (at least one exec must be present at all times during LANs), attend every exec meeting (usually there is one meeting per week), periodically check their emails (and maintain the spam that comes alongside having emails written on a webpage in public redirect to your inbox), and remain active on IRC in the #exec and #compsoc channels. Decisions made in the meetings usually require a majority agreement from the exec.

Manifestos should be submitted to . DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING INTENT/MANIFESTOS IS THE DAY BEFORE THE AGM AT 15:00. If no intents/manifestos are submitted for a position then anyone attending the meeting is willing to stand on the day instead.

Manifestos will be interpreted as plain text.

You must come to the AGM in order to stand. After deciding on changes to the constitution we will allow speeches from those standing, and then the local votes will be made and counted.

You may also vote remotely, the system for this shall open on the day of the AGM.

Only full members are allowed to vote at the election. You must be a full member at least 72 hours before the AGM to vote/stand.

If you have any questions about any of the positions, you may wish to contact the respective current exec.

*Currently submitted manifestos:*